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health hazards of fast food; Top 10 risks

Health hazards of fast food; The harms of healthy fast food are many and everyone should know to avoid them, fast food usually contains a high percentage of calories, fat, and salt, and it may be difficult to eat a balanced diet when eating fast food regularly, and it is also expensive. The effects of fast food on the heart and diabetes? Does fast food cause cancer and obesity?

health hazards of fast food

The effects of healthy fast food on the colon

Since colitis affects the small and large intestines, studies have proven that there is a relationship between eating fast food and (colitis, ulcerative colitis), which affects young people from 12 to 20 years old. Which is represented by recurring pain in the lower abdomen, accompanied by bloody diarrhea, a slight temperature rise, and oral ulcers.

Gastroenterologists warn of the harmful effects of fast food on the colon, as it exacerbates symptoms in those who suffer from cramps and diseases in it.

Complications of fast food for diabetics

effects of fast food

It is known that a diabetic patients; Doctors prevent them from eating a lot of meals and foods, the most important of which are fast food, but the matter does not stop here for diabetics, because of the damages of these fast food; Diabetes may cause a healthy person with the second type of this disease, and the reason is that the components of these foods make the liver cells not respond to insulin, and this is called (insulin resistance), that is, the blood sugar does not reach the cells, and it is not stored in them.

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Heart-healthy effects of fast food

Multiple statistics indicate that fast food has been linked to heart disease for several reasons, including:

  • fatty substances contained in fast food; It leads to a clear rise in bad cholesterol.
  • Fast food has a high percentage of mineral salts, which leads to the risk of high blood pressure.
  • The effects of healthy fast food on the heart; They cause hardening of the arterial network and maybe one of the causes of heart attacks.

The obvious health risks to the immune system

fast food

Researchers confirmed that immune diseases are exacerbated by the increase in fast food, because it contains calories greatly, which leads to an increase and development of bacterial infections in the body, and thus a decrease in the effectiveness of the body's immunity.

These results have been reached; Through experiments on people who eat a lot of fast food, it was found that the immune stem cells in their spinal cord; Shockingly increase in the blood, to resist the bacteria and harmful substances in it, which are caused by these meals.

Harmful effects of fast food on pregnant women and fetuses

It is known that meals for the pregnant mother must be carefully selected, for the sake of the health of the fetus and the health of the mother, but the pregnant woman eating fast food causes her:

  • Excessive weight gain and fat, heavy movement.
  • Health problems and hormonal imbalance due to a large number of preservatives.
  • High blood pressure and fluid retention, due to excessive salt.
  • Disorders and insomnia at night, and the inability to sleep.
  • Gastrointestinal disorder and constipation.
  • The harm of healthy fast food to the pregnant woman is manifested; Preeclampsia, which may cause fetal loss.
  • a deficiency in the mother's immunity, which causes problems in childbirth; It is negatively transmitted to the fetus.
  • A decline in skin health and hair health.

Fast food and the respiratory system

health hazards of fast food

The damages of healthy fast food appear greatly on the respiratory system, of adults and the elderly, because of the high calories in it, and because of the obesity it causes, it can cause asthma or shortness of breath, so a person loses the ability to breathe regularly when walking normal, or when climbing stairs, or from any simple effort he may make.

The effects of fast food on the bones and teeth

Because of the acids contained in fast food, teeth may be exposed to decay, and obesity that a person is exposed to as a result of eating fast food exposes the bones to the risk of fracture due to the weight of the body and exposes the knee to the risk of degenerative inflammation.

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Negative effects of fast food on children

The child’s food must be given full care, as the child is in the stage of building the body, and he needs healthy food rich in minerals and vitamins, but fast food lacks nutrients and is full of harmful substances, and is dangerous to children are:

  • Decreased mental performance of the child; in the account article; and materials that require mental work.
  • The harmful effects of healthy fast food on children are highlighted by their low level of physical performance; They become lethargic, lazy, and weak in their ability to perform the exercise and run.
  • increase in the weight of the child; and obesity.
  • Studies have shown that children who eat fast food; Three times a week are more prone to asthma and respiratory disorders.
  • The arterial blockage is due to the accumulation of unsaturated fats in them, and this accumulation may cause a future clot.
  • Kidney stones form at an early age, due to the excess amounts of salt contained in fast food.
  • Health hazards of fast food; Exposing the child to the risk of cancer, and immunodeficiency.

Accustoming the child to watching documentaries; She talks about the dangers of healthy fast food and allows him to prepare healthy meals with his parents, reduces his passion for fast food, and reduces the harm of healthy fast food to him.

Frequently asked questions about fast food

There are some known disadvantages of fast food, but many questions remain about its harm. Here are some of those questions:

Does fast food cause cancer?

It is known that fast food; contains (flavor enhancers, appearance enhancers, preservatives, and unsafe fats), which cause health risks and contribute to the spread of free radicals, which increases the risk of cancer and malignant tumors. Many studies have been conducted in which they have been reached; that fast food causes cancer of all kinds; Where it turns out that one out of 20 cancer cases is due to obesity, (of which fast food is one of the causes).

What is fast food?

Fast food is food that has been prepared in advance; And quickly, regardless of whether the method of its preparation has entered into the health aspects or not, such as all kinds of fried foods, sausages, mortadella, and many others.

in conclusion; The effects of fast food on the heart, breathing, pregnant women, and diabetes; became evident, and it was found that the effects of this fast food on the colon cause cancer, hair loss, acne and cracked nails, and its effect on obesity, immune diseases and breathing in children was shown.

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